Xactimate Getting Started Series (5 Hrs – Georgia CE)



Course includes: *

  • Over 10 hours of video training!
  • Continuing Education Credit (i.e. CE) for Georgia licensed adjusters (5 hours)
  • Certificate of Completion (.pdf) + CE Reporting
  • Downloadable Exercise Materials for your reference (.pdf)

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Interested in Florida CE?
Follow this link: https://www.watermarklms.com/product/xactimate-getting-started-florida-ce/

Need IICRC CE, Oklahoma CE, Texas CE, or the No CE option?
Follow this link:  https://www.watermarklms.com/product/xactimate-28-getting-started-series/

Watermark’s Xactimate Getting Started Series for Georgia Insurance CE (5 hours) consists of online training videos which help you get up to speed quickly writing estimates using the Xactimate 28!  Each unit progresses to the next, building your skills and knowledge in using Xactimate as a tool for building estimates.  This course brings newer users up to speed quickly and serves as a comprehensive refresher for experienced users.  View this course on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device!*  

Over 10 hours of training!

Note:  This course requires a proctored final examination in order to complete the course for Georgia Insurance CE (5 hours).  If you are not a licensed Georgia insurance adjuster, please follow this link to the non-Georgia CE version of this course: https://www.watermarklms.com/product/xactimate-28-getting-started-series/

Course Overview

Units may be viewed in any order. However, it’s suggested to view in the order presented:

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2. Introduction to Interior Sketch
  • Unit 3. Interior Sketch Continued
  • Unit 4. Introduction to Line Item Estimating
  • Unit 5. Line Item Estimating – Continued
  • Unit 6. Introduction to Sketch Roofing
  • Unit 7. Sketch Roofing Continued
  • Unit 8. Completing the Project and More!

Continuing Education

Each video contains a code which appears during the video.  Input the code on that lesson’s quiz and you’re ready to proceed to the next training video. Once all the sections (video & reference) are completed, you will have access to take the final examination, which consists of 25 multiple choice, True/False questions over the course.

This course is approved as a self-study course for 5 hours of continuing education by the Georgia Department of Insurance (Course: 53508).

While you may view & complete the video & reference sections of the course unattended, a proctor must be present during the final examination. You will not have access to the final examination until the video & reference sections of the course are completed.  Please allow 30-60 minutes to complete the final examination.  See additional information below.

Note: The Georgia Department of Insurance requires that all self-study courses have a proctored final examination.  After registering for the course, you may download & print the Disinterested Third Party form (i.e. proctor form).  A disinterested third-party as an individual not related to the examinee, not an immediate supervisor or employee of the examinee, and not concerned, with respect to possible gain or loss, in the result of a pending course final examination.

*Minimum System Requirements:

Please use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome browsers.

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